The Calabria cocktail

The Calabria

Lately the Cocktail Host and I have been doing a lot of our cocktail drinking at home, indulging my penchant for playing around with cocktail ingredients. But of course I also enjoy changing out of the yoga pants into a cocktail dress and hang out with the grownups at a restaurant or bar.

Recently, two of my favorite bartenders in the world, Mr. Manhattan and Scott Beattie, landed at Hog & Rocks, a restaurant and bar a mere five or so blocks from my house. This is either a very exciting development or a dangerous one, depending on whether you are me or my liver.

Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, the Cocktail Host and I decided to pretend that we aren’t the old married couple that we are and we gussied up to pop over to Hog & Rocks for a few drinks and some nibbles at the bar. Mr. Manhattan was getting off of his shift and Scott was starting his, so we got to chat with them both while Scott made me one of Mr. Manhattan’s cocktails, the ravishing Calabria.

The Calabria

Now just imagine how gorgeous this drink was before drank a quarter of it and wiped my smudgy fingerprints all over the glass. I just couldn’t help myself.

I woke up this morning thinking that I should ask Mr. Manhattan if I could share his recipe for the drink, but then a few hours later someone forwarded me this online tutorial of Mr. Manhattan himself showing you how to make it. So there you have it. Go forth and make a Calabria.


Solstmas 2010

Matthew and Sharona

This week we had our sixth annual Solstmas party, and by my count there were around 70 guests slurping up Champagne and chowing down on bread pudding all day long. As usual, I failed to take many pictures, but luckily a few of my guests snapped some shots along the way.

Though my own offerings of food and drinks were nothing special, the real highlight was the cocktails made my Mr. Manhattan, who came up with this delightful menu.


Photo by Sharona Gottlieb

He kept himself busy for hours …


Photo by Jennifer Lieberman

… making crazily great cocktails for the guests. In addition to Mr. Manhattan’s cocktails there was Scott’s delicious (and positively deadly) eggnog …

as well as my own Campari punch and (nonacoholic) Flora Pomadoras

Is it any wonder that some folks had to double-fist their drinking to keep up?


Photo by Sharona Gottlieb

Many thanks to ever adorable Sharona  and the beautiful Jennifer L. for use of their photos!

Sharona and Jennifer