About the Hostess

A freelance editor and writer by day, when I’m often editing cookbooks or writing about the California Wine Country, at night my thoughts turn to cooking, concocting cocktails, and filling my apartment in San Francisco with as many friends as possible.

Like most hostesses, I don’t have a big budget or an unlimited amount of time, so my parties don’t resemble anything you’d see in the pages of Martha Stewart magazine. And you won’t find my blog full of pictures of elaborate table settings or my grandmother’s china. I’d rather spend $40 on a bottle of 12-year-old aged rum than on a new table runner that matches the theme of my party (and, well, my parties rarely have “themes”). I’ve also been known to throw parties without a single trip to the store, simply cobbling together the odds and ends in the pantry and liquor cabinet for a last-minute shindig. Occasionally I’ll host a big blowout or elegant dinner party that I spend a few weeks planning, but that’s the exception rather than the rule.

Despite the fact that I’ll probably never win a James Beard award for my cooking, and the Food Network is never going to hire me as a stylist, my friends keep coming to my incessant parties, and we keep having a really good time. Here I’ll be jotting down some recipes I develop and the party planning ideas that occur to me. I’ll recap some of the parties I throw and the lessons I learn in the process. I’ll describe friends’ parties that I attend and what I take away from them.  I’ll probably take a few detours into cocktail geekery and fess up to whatever kitchen disasters I experience. I hope that if anyone learns anything at all from this blog it’s that entertaining doesn’t need to be intimidating or expensive to be an awful lot of fun.

If you have any questions, I’m happy to give them a shot, so please leave me a comment here or elsewhere on the blog.


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