Suntory Old Whisky

Amidst the bottles of dreadful vanilla-flavored rum, raspberry vodka, and cheap gin in my parents’ liquor cabinet I found the following bottle of Suntory Whisky, in a bottle with a cool unusual shape.

Now, other than being able to make a few tasty cocktails with whisky, I’m woefully ignorant about it, especially Japanese whisky. In fact, what I know about Japanese whiskies I could probably write on a Post-It note with a Jumbo Crayola.

And this is what I know about Suntory. They make both my very favorite bottle in my collection, their Hermes creme de violette … and possibly one of the worst liqueurs ever concocted …


Can any whisky lovers help me out with the 411?


7 thoughts on “Suntory Old Whisky

  1. wilma says:

    Where is the Hostess, what is she doing, how is she doing it, and with whom? People want to know!

  2. The hostess is working 60 hours a week, writing restaurant reviews and editing cookbooks, which is cutting into blogging time. She’s still entertaining — this weekend I had 50 people over for a casual Fourth of July barbecue, and next weekend I’m hosting an elegant cocktail party for a friend’s 40th birthday — but, sadly, I’ve lost my digital camera! I’ll be posting more as soon as I fix this problem!

  3. ron rubin says:

    I have been looking for that exact whiskey for quite some time. Difficult to get outside Japan. Single malt scotch fans would love it. Is the bottle opened? Is the cork intact? Depending on where you are I might consider buy it. Let me know.

    • I’m afraid it has been already opened, and besides, it’s not mine to sell since it belongs to my parents. I know that it was a gift from some friends of theirs who purchased it while traveling in Japan. Good luck hunting it down elsewhere though!

  4. Don Poy says:

    I have a unopened bottle of Suntory whiskey as shown above. Could you tell me how old it is and how much it’s worth? Thanks, Don.

    • Sorry, I’m afraid I have no idea. Based on the other responses to the post I know it’s hard to get outside of Japan and some people collect Suntory whiskeys, but that’s all I know.

  5. I have a bottle of Suntory whisky still unopened but what is in my presence is the one with no label. Just an embossed glass SUNTORY WHISKY PRODUCT OF JAPAN, an emblem of Suntory while above , A BLEND OF THE CHOICE WHISKIES. Is this considered as rare?

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