Favorite blogs about entertaining? Please share!

This evening I added a few websites to my blogroll, all of them blogs about cocktail geekery, which is a subject I adore. I can spend hours on end reading about rosemary-infused gin and varieties of expensive Cognac. But since my blog is (theoretically) about entertaining, I was hoping to add some blogs about hosting parties, large and small, to my blogroll.

Here’s my dilemma: All of the blogs I find about entertaining are written by high-end catering companies, which typically feature gorgeous high-resolution photos of Willy Wonka-themed bar mitzahs, extravagant summer garden parties in the Hamptons, and weddings costing upward of $50,000 for the catering alone. The photos of matching invitations, fondant cakes, and artfully designed party favors are beautiful, no doubt, and sometimes I get inspired by these images, but these websites bear little relation to my own experience, which is to throw some food on the barbecue, mix up a pitcher of cocktails, and batten down all the hatches before I invite everyone I know to come over and join in the fun.

Blogs about cocktail geekery? Check!
Blogs with a zillion recipes? Check!
Blogs about entertaining with a ten-thousand-dollar-plus budget? Checkity check check!

But if you happen to know of any great blogs that focus on casual entertaining, on the ins and outs of having frequent (and not-too-expensive) casual get-togethers, I’m all ears. Please clue me in!


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