In praise of my sanguineous sweetie

I’m absolutely obsessed with the beautiful blood oranges I’m finding at the farmers’ market these days. They have a perfect balance between sweet and tart, and a complex, slightly floral aroma that reminds me a bit of Meyer lemons. And the ones I’ve been buying lately have been the bloodiest red blood oranges I’ve seen in years. Their color is quite lurid, I think.

Imagine you were to see the following picture out of context.



You might be a little concerned, right? It looks like something from an anatomy textbook instead of from a farmers’ market. Maybe some bone marrow, or a ganglion cyst, or nerves radiating from a spinal cord? Am I alone in finding this photo a little gruesome, or do I just have a disturbed imagination?

It doesn’t help that, after making cocktails with them, I look like I’ve been slaughtering something rather than squeezing citrus.

If I haven’t succeeded in turning you off of blood oranges for good, look for a post tomorrow with a crimson cocktail recipe.


3 thoughts on “In praise of my sanguineous sweetie

  1. wilma says:

    Your great-uncle Bill used to grow these oranges when we all lived in Florida. I think he was almost as fascinated with them as you are. However, I don’t think he used them for making cocktails. But, you never know.

  2. I had no idea! I remember walking through his orchards surrounded by rows and rows of grapefruit and oranges trees, but I don’t ever remember actually eating a blood orange until I moved to California. Perhaps Uncle Bill was holding out on me!

    • wilma says:

      As I remember, there weren’t many blood oranges for us to taste, but he was always very proud of the ones that he had. He knew that the navel orange was my favorite, and always saved his biggest navel orange for me. Uncle Bill was a great guy.

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