My grape (pie) nut

I was keeping the grape pie a secret from Dave so I could snap a few reaction photos when I unveiled it. That way everyone can see why it’s so much fun to cook for my husband. Unfortunately, he walked into the kitchen while I was assembling the pie. Since the surprise was spoiled, I asked him to grab my camera a take a few photos of the pie coming together, since my hands were covered with flour. Here’s a small sample of what he came up with …

Oops! Not quite honey. Though that is my hand in the corner of the picture …

Getting closer!!

Here’s a shot that documents a really stupid basic mistake I made when assembling the pie. A free copy of The Hostess Diary to the first person to post what that is in the comments section (the deadline is noon PST on March 30).

And no, it’s that I’m rather sloppy carefree in the kitchen and my sweater is covered in flour.


2 thoughts on “My grape (pie) nut

  1. Stephanie Moore says:

    You already made the pretty edge on the bottom crust?

  2. That’s exactly right! It’s been so long since I’ve made a double-crust pie — I’ve been so obsessed with tarts and single-crust pies lately, not to mention custards and cakes — that I just plum forgot you don’t flute it until the top crust is on. *Smacks forehead* Your prize went into the mail today!

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