Losing Liberty Lounge

The good news? Our deck, which a few months ago looked like this …

The deck, deconstructed

Now looks like this … Not a thing of beauty, precisely, but less likely to cause our guests serious bodily harm.

The deck restored!

Now the bad news. The day they finished working on the deck (a week ago) was the same day our building went up for sale. It has been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week as real estate agents and potential buyers have trotted through our home. We are all stricken that we will likely be evicted by the new owner. We hang onto a thread of hope that the building might be bought by an investor rather than someone who wants to live here—possible, but not likely considering all the conversations I’ve overheard this week about much nicer the bathroom would be if it were expanded into the laundry room,  or which room would best be used as the nursery.

In the meantime, the thought of losing my home makes me want to hunker down in my lovely light-filled kitchen. It makes me want to bake bread and make mashed potatoes and simmer chicken stock (possibly the most comforting of all kitchen tasks). It makes we want to have all of my friends over, and then have them over the next night, too, to fit in as many get-togethers as possible before we have to move to some rat-infested hovel so far out in the ‘burbs that our friends will never come and visit us. As you can see, I’m not taking this very well. I think I need to go bake a pie.


One thought on “Losing Liberty Lounge

  1. Denise says:

    Oh, how I will miss that view! But not as much as you will. And I’ll come visit you anywhere.

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