Twas the night before Christmas …

… and I’m 15 hours away from one of the biggest parties I throw every year, an all-day open house where 50 to 80 friends and family members arrive for a full day of drinking champagne, eating a ginormous ham, and consuming ridiculous quantities of pumpkin pie.

Solstmas Party 2008. Photo by Sharona Gottlieb.


And yet, despite the fact that I’ve spent the last month shopping for Campari, combing through the thrift stores for more flatware, and making baroque “to do” lists (both for myself and to delegate to my husband), I haven’t written a peep about it on my blog.

In the last week or so I’ve been wondering why this is. At first I decided that I’ve simply been busy. Whenever I have a few free moments after a full day of work, I’m more likely to spend my evenings looking at recipes for cheddar-ale soup or dithering about what kind of punch to make than to sit in front of my computer and write. But in the last day I’ve thought of a few more reasons.

The first is that despite the fact this is the biggest party I throw I almost every year—actually, because it’s the biggest party I throw—I don’t try a lot of new things. I bake a ham. I put out a bountiful cheese platter. I make a bowl of punch. There is a such a crazy onslaught of guests (we invite practically everyone we know, and plenty of people we don’t know), that in large part I just have to stock up, batten down the hatches, and hope everyone has a good time. I don’t have the time to fiddle with delicate puff pastry or beautifully garnish canapes—the stuff that seems to me more worthy of blogging about. What is there to say about the fact I bought seven packages of crackers or five loaves of focaccia?

The second is that food prep on such a large scale isn’t very photogenic. Taking pictures of food prep requires a fair amount of time, and pretty meticulous approach to assembling dishes. But when I’m preparing for an event on this scale, my kitchen is in a constant state of chaos as I try to simultaneously make a quadruple batch of candied nuts, wash all my glassware, and fold the laundered kitchen towels.

Food at Solstmas 2009. Photo by Sharona Gottlieb.

At any rate, it’s given me a new appreciation for bloggers who write about their parties, and food and cocktail bloggers in general. And if I didn’t manage any posts on my party planning, maybe … just maybe … I’ll remember to pick up my camera tomorrow and document some of the fun. But I wouldn’t count on it.


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