Life cycle of a berry trifle

Thanks to my delinquent blogging, this recipe is already woefully out of season. But when I made this trifle for a dinner party back in August, they were practically giving away flats of blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries at the farmers’ market, and somehow it seemed a crime not to use them in a dessert.

First,  the day before I assembled the trifle, I made a vanilla pastry cream and chilled it overnight.

Vanilla pastry cream

Then, I assembled all my ingredients: angel food cake, strawberries, nectarines, raspberries, blackberries, whipping cream, and superfine sugar.

Trifle ingredients

I chopped up the angel food cake into cubes. (If I had had more time I would have baked a homemade genoise, but life interfered with these plans. So sue me.)

Cubed angel food cake

Then I threw some peeled nectarines and blackberries in the blender and gave them a whirl.

Pureed nectarines and blackberries

Finally, before the assembly could begin, I whipped up some heavy cream and superfine sugar  …

Whipping the cream ...

… until it formed soft peaks.

Cream whipped to soft peaks

Now that all the ingredients were ready …

Trifle ingredients

…the real fun started. I just started layering cubes of cake and fruit puree …

Laying cake and fruit puree

… and then added some berries …

Adding berries

… and some pastry cream …

Adding the pastry cream

… and then some whipped cream.

Adding the whipped cream

You get the idea. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.




Until it looked like this …

Finished trifle

And I had to  chase away the interlopers.

Back away from the trifle!

If you’ve succeed in guarding the trifle, it will make it to the dinner table unmolested.

At the table

Where, of course, it will promptly be ravished …

Digging in

As well it should be.

The trifle, defeated


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