Keeping it real, mom style

So after my mom, my most dedicated (only?) reader, saw my post about hostess envy, about wanting to be able to throw parties that feature large quantities of black truffles and meats mail ordered from D’Artagnan, she sent me the following email.

Read your last blog this morning, and I, also, am having a dinner party.

Menu: Boiled shrimp, boiled new red potatoes, boiled sausage, and boiled corn on the cob–all in one large pot with the same water and crab boil. Cook and drain.

To serve: Cover table with butcher paper.

Dump all food onto the table.

Eat everything with hands, no need for fancy plates or silverware.

Have plenty of Cheatah Mojitas,or beer before, during, and afterwards.

Dessert: San Antonio River Mud [which, if I recall correctly, is some goopy, chocolately graham cracker pie]

She sent the following pictures, before …

And after …

The thing is, I would have totally loved to have been at this party (I loved  old-fashioned shrimp boils when I was growing up  on the Gulf Coast). A good thing to remember when I’m knocking myself out making layer cake or lamenting my lack of black truffles.

Speaking of which, a recap on my dinner party coming up soon …


One thought on “Keeping it real, mom style

  1. Stephanie Moore says:

    Your mom is not your only reader…she has shared with me your link and now I too enjoy your wonderfully worded comments and ideas!

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