On my mom and cocktail snobbery

I often describe myself as a cocktail geek, but I try not to be a terrible cocktail snob. It’s one thing to enjoy geeking out about agricole rums and homemade brandied cherries (as I love to do), but it’s another to disdain a drink just because it doesn’t contain seven different artisanal ingredients available at Cask.

But perhaps I need to work on my snobbery co-efficient because I got this funny email from my mom this morning:

Have enjoyed reading your blog and sent it along to a couple of friends.  I thought about sending this idea through the blog, but then remembered that you might be the one choosing my nursing home, so decided not to embarrass you.  However, my friends have decided that I have invented a wonderful drink, which they have named “Wilma’s Cheetah Mojita.”


Bottle of Simply Limeade (purchased in any super market, usually in the aisle with the orange juice, not frozen)
Fresh mint leaves
Sparkling mineral water

With a muddler, crush leaves in bottom of glass. Add simply Limeade and rum and ice. Stir in a small amount of sparkling water. Enjoy! This is much easier and faster to prepare for large groups [than a regular mojito, I presume – Ed.] Also, very easy to prepare on long hot camping trips [from which my mother just returned].

Yep, you are welcome to use my idea, as I have not patented it. Would you like me to send along any of my many “bacon-wrapped” appetizers?



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